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Album 4 (1972 to 1989)

This is Album 4.  The first photos are not in chronological order in the album.

The Mason family at the wedding
Parents of the bride and groom
Tom and Doris in 1975
Anita's university graduation
Brian and Priscilla
Anita and Tommy in Warsaw
Mama Santa
Dorothy and Loyd in Cheyenne

I do not know why I have the photos I have.  When we divorced, Priscilla kept the photos and I kept the movies.  So the photos I have in my photo album are kind of scatter-shot.

These photos go from 1977 to 1985.

Brii-anna's new bed
Brii-anna and Winter with their Dad
Brii-anna and baby brother
Winter sitting
Playing outdoors
Grandma and kids
Brii-anna and Winter
Harvest out of our garden
At the Kern Homestead

If there ever were any doubts about whether Josie looks like Misti, this should erase them.

Brian and the Kern sisters

These are from 1989.

Easter 1989
Doris and Jack

Winter standing in front of people imparting his wisdom.

Winter before class

A few more pictures from the end of 1989 which include Lil Zolnoski's wedding to Mert Walk

Lil's wedding
Doris at Lil's
Doris visits the Harper's