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Album 1 (1964 to 1967)

This is an album of photos that I saved rather than depending on Mom to save for me.  This is the first of my photo albums that mostly contain the pictures I took.

The first photos are from 1964, my last year in Wyoming.

Easter 1964
Snowy Range 1964
Anita and Tommy, Christmas, 1964
Mommy and Daddy, Christmas, 1964
Brian, Sena, and Gilbert

After leaving Hartnett Hall, and the Imperial House, I and my 3 roommates rented a house in Cleveland Park on Ordway Street.

2814 Ordway

These were my roommates.

Bob, Fred, and Neil

This was a big adventure, going to the New York World's Fair.  Lots of memories.

From the NY Pavillion

One of the advantages of living in Washington, D. C. is being so close to the action.

Pres. Johnson's helicopter

Home for the holidays.

Anita and Tommy, Christmas, 1965
The Masons, Christmas, 1965
Stop Action - Christmas, 1965
Marion's glamor pose

Springtime in DC

Easter parade

I rode my bike to work to the Old Post Office Building for three years.

The Old Post Office Building

I loved this park, which was near Ordway.  I haven't been back in a long time.

Meridian Hill Park

I have always had good memories of the times I spent with Bob Hindman.

John Hindman's graduation

The next three photos I didn't take.

Creepy Crawlers
Florence Goodson's 80th birthday
Grandma Gillis