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Baby Book - 1965

Below are the links to the photos I felt were worth sharing.  From this point, as we get into the pictures I took, there are a lot that are not interesting to anyone except maybe me.

Mom was spending less and less time on keeping the scrapbook up, too.  There were 1965 pictures in with the 1966 pictures, so I struggled sometimes to get them in order.  There were a lot of pictures from those two years, but very few after that.  When I get to my photo albums, there will be more pictures from 1967 on.

This one is of Mom and Dad's first Christmas together.

First Christmas

One of my roommates from Hartnett Hall and I went down to see LBJ's inauguration.  I only got pictures of the parade.  This one is of the car LBJ was riding in.  Security was still pretty tight and the president wasn't going to just stroll down the street like Kennedy had done.

LBJ's inauguration

I had to take one last picture of Hartnett Hall before moving out.

Hartnett Hall

This is the first apartment we moved to after moving out of Hartnett Hall.

Imperial House

Kids in Cheyenne in April

Marion came to visit.

Marion in Washington

Marion's portrait
Marion's 21st birthday

I went home for Christmas.

Brother and sister
Kids Christmas
Chirstmas - 1965
Visitors during Christmas