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Baby Book - 1964

Here are the photos that were in my scrapbook from 1964 that I thought were worth saving.  This is the year I took my first job in Washington, D. C.

My college graduation picture:


The wedding of my second cousin.

Labrie wedding

Thomas Mark - 5 years old
Anita Marie - 8 years oid

These pictures were taken at Easter

Mother and Grandmother
Brian and his grandma
Anita and her grandma

Brian's graduation


I was so lucky to make my start here.  My first apartment.  This was an all-male apartment.  The women stayed in a different apartment complex in another location.  I never found out where it was.

Hartnett Hall

This was where I had my first job in D.C.

Department of the Interior

This park is still there.

Rawlins Park

This was less than a year after Kennedy's assassination.  The grave site is much different now.

Kennedy's grave

Brian and Bob's apartment

This bike lasted me a long time and took me through many memories.

Brian and his bike

I joined Dad in Cleveland.

Brian in Cleveland
Brian at the War Memorial
Daddy in Cleveland

I have often wondered where these friends are now.

Brian's friends

Meanwhile, back in Cheyenne.

First Day of School
Mom and Dad's 25th Wedding Anniversary
Christmas 1964
Marion, Brian, and Debbie
Friends gathering at Christmas
Brian's 23rd birthday

I realized that this picture was taken in 1964, not 1965.

Mom and Dad ready for New Year's Eve