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Baby Book - 1959

Here are the photos from 1959 that were in my scrapbook.

Anita and Tommy's birthday party
Brian ready for the formal dance
Tommy - 13 months
Doris Mason
Anita and Tommy ready for Frontier Days
Anita and Tommy

This is not the picture that appeared in the newspapers, but was taken at the same time:

1000 pennies

These may be the only pictures of Aunt Emily:

3 Goodson sisters
4 generations

This picture appeared with the above two pictures which were taken in August, but Grandma's birthday was in January 1959, so I don't know when the picture was taken:

Ada Mason - 70 years old

Karen and Marion
Brian in his ROTC uniform

This is the only picture so far of Dad with his own birthday cake:

Daddy's birthday

Christmas 1959
Christmas Day 1959

This is the most amazing picture so far!  All of our neighborhood friends from when we lived on East 22nd St.:

Our neighbors

This was the best birthday party I ever had.  Dad took as many as wanted to go down to Denver where we saw "Ben Hur" (which had just been released) on the big screen.  We sat in the front row, so the chariots were basically racing above our heads!  It was great!

Brian's 18 years birthday party