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Baby Book - 1955

Here are the links to the photos that were in my scrapbook from 1955.

I was taller than the tree:

Brian at Easter

Brian and Marion at Easter

The Ashmore's came to visit.

Cynthia Ashmore
The Ashmores

Anita - 1 week old

I still remember how unsure I was about holding a baby:

Anita and big brother

Anita and big sister
Anita and Grandma
Sister Anita
Brian and Anita

I think all four kids have a picture of Mom holding them as a new baby reflected in this mirror:

In the mirror

Brian with accordion
Brian in Honor Band

A trip to Steamboat Springs

Mommy and Anita
Steamboat Springs
Daddy and Anita

Mommy and Anita at 6 months

This picture was taken after I brought the rocking horse home from wood shop.  I finished painting it and adding the ears and bridal at home.  So Anita was the very first person to get to ride it!

Anita and rocking horse

Winter 1955

Christmas 1955
Christmas presents 1955
Brian - 14 years old