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Baby Book - 1954

These are the photos from 1954 that are in the scrapbook Mom kept for me. I have been surprised by how few pictures there are. There are none of the 1954 Christmas, for example. It is definitely not like today when almost every day is getting photographed.

Grandma Mason and Cynthia
Gladys and Ralph
Dad, Mom, Gladys, and Ralph
Brian's poster
Mommy and Daddy

Skipper was our first pet and will always hold a special place in my memories. He was a Cocker / Springer Spaniel mix.


I have no idea what the occasion would have been for this picture to have been taken:

Peterson household

July 1954

Veedavoo - Brian's half birthday

At this time Mom made a lot of our clothes herself.

Brian and Marion ready for Frontier Days
Mom and Marion dressed for Frontier Days
Marion ready for Hallowe'en
Marion - 10 years old
Brian - 13 years old