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Baby Book - 1953

Spring 1953

3 girls
Marion and Brian at Easter
Marion in her recital dress
Mome, Marion, and Skipper
Fincher Elementary School champs

These pictures were taken in June 1953 after we bought 901 Country Club, but before we moved in.  It required some work inside before it was livable.

Our fifth home
Flower garden
Marion at the side door

Visit from Maureen Moore to Cheyenne in July

Maureen Moore
Maureen and Gerald Ashmore

Notice the size of the pine trees in the front yard in the next picture. Those trees are probably 30 feet tall now.

901 Country Club
Living room
Mom and Dad's room
Brian's room

Fall 1953

County fair
Marion ready for school
First day of school

Christmas 1953

1953 Christmas card
Janet, Gilbert, and Sena Albee
Janet and Roy
Harper family
Mrs. Woodruff and Grandma Gillis
Mason family

I wrote on the back of the next picture that this is the first picture I ever took with the first camera I ever owned. And, of course, it is of Marion. ☺

Marion Frances
Brian, Marion, and Skipper
Brian - 17 years old