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Baby Book - 1952

The first three pictures are the first color photos in the scrapbook taken with our own camera and color film.  They are badly faded.  I am not doing any manipulating of the scanning results. I will leave it to you to tweak any photos to try to improve them as you like since a lot of personal preference enters into such editing.

Brian as Cub Scout
Easter Morning 1952
Easter Morning 1952
Brian and Skipper
Memorial Day

The next photos are from a train trip that Mom, Marion, and I took to Illinois to visit Mom's friends.  This was one of the most memorable trips of my life.

Decatur, Illinois
Velma and Doris
Marion, Penny, and Brian
Masons and Bretts
Margie, Penny, Brian, and Marion
Marion holding Becky

Next are the pictures taken when we attended the First Day of Issue ceremonies for the release of the 3 cent stamp commemorating the 25th anniversary of the dedication of the Mt. Rushmore National Memorial.

Post Office, Keystone, South Dakota
Post Office, Keystone, South Dakota
Stamp Issue Ceremony

The end of the year.  I have a bigger accordion and Marion has a new piano.

Mom in formal
Christmas 1952
Christmas party 1952