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Baby Book - 1947 to 1949


Maureen, Brian, and Marion
Brian, Gordon, and Marion
Four generations

Winter 1947

Gordon, Brian, and Marion
Marion - 3 years old
Mother, November 1947
Outlaw and damsel
Christmas time
Marion at Christmas time
Brian - 6 years old


Daddy and his catch
Linda Byron, and Brian
Linda and Brian
Donny Moore with bicycle

Winter 1948

Marion and Kitty
Marion - 4 years old
Marion and Brian
Young musician
Ready for bed
Brian - 7 years old


Grandma Gillis and kids

August 1949

Mason visit
George Mason family
George, Adah, Gladys, and Maureen
Tom Mason's family
Tom's parents, wife, and children
Maureen, Marion, and Brian
Picnic at Lion's Park
Adah and George Mason

Winter 1949

Marion, Grandma, and Brian
Marion - 5 years old
Mommy talking
First Christmas window
Listening to the console
Brian with toy train
Marion's birthday party
Brian - 8 years old