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Neil Gaiman
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Neil Gaiman is a mesmerizing story teller. And for the most part he has chosen to tell his stories in the medium of the graphic novels. Collaborating with various graphic artists, his stories enthrall and enchant you.
His core work is the Sandman series. Created in 10 volumes, you are taken in and out of the "lives" of the Sandman and his sisters, Death, Despair and Delerium, his brothers, Desire and Destiny, and the raven, Matthew. But, of course, the series centers around the Sandman, Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams, his relationships and affect on mere mortals and his own search for fulfillment.
The series:
  1. Preludes & Noctures
  2. The Doll's House
  3. Dream Country
  4. Season of Mists
  5. A Game of You
  6. Fables & Reflections
  7. Brief Lives
  8. Worlds' End
  9. The Kindly Ones
  10. The Wake
Explore Neil Gaiman's total output and his activities here

Terry Moore
Strangers in Paradise banner
Terry Moore is another wonderful story-teller
No super-heros here. Just Francine and Katchoo and David. Coming together in high school, trying to get together and stay together, but not knowing how to do that. Francine, with a dark side, Katchoo, naive and wanting desparately just to be loved, David, caring and loyal.
Interspersed with songs and poetry, Terry Moore gives you entertainment that you can't get in any other type of media.
His comics have been combined into 12 trade paper-backs so far:
  1. Strangers in Paradise
  2. I Dream of You
  3. It's a Good Life
  4. Love Me Tender
  5. Immortal Enemies
  6. High School!
  7. Sanctuary
  8. My Other Life
  9. Child of Rage
  10. Tropic of Desire
  11. Brave New World
  12. Heart in Hand
  13. Flower to Flame
  14. David's Story
  15. Tomorrow Now
  16. Molly & Poo
  17. Tattoo
  18. Love and Lies
  19. Ever After
Terry Moore has produced two more series since "Strangers in Paradise", "Echo", and "Rachel Rising". Explore Terry Moore's total output and his activities here.

Brian K. Vaughan
Y: The Last Man
I haven't read anything else by Brian Vaughan, but “Y: The Last Man” is an intriguing story. Co-created with artist extraordinaire Pia Guerra, “Y: The Last Man” is about a mysterious plague that kills every male on the planet except for a young escape artist named Yorick Brown and his pet monkey Ampersand.
The story is exciting and is the only “page-turner” graphic novel I've ever read. The social commentary is just as intriguing. What would women do if they ruled the world and there were no men? The length of the format even permits exploring the question in different cultures around the world.
There are a total of 10 volumes.
  1. Unmanned
  2. Cycles
  3. One Small Step
  4. Safeword
  5. Ring of Truth
  6. Girl on Girl
  7. Paper Dolls
  8. Kimono Dragons
  9. Motherland
  10. Whys and Wherefores
Since these graphic novels came out, Brian Vaughan has been involved in other projects including "Runaways" and "Ex Machina". He also has found his latest success with "Saga", a sci-fi/fantasy/action/drama epic, created with artist Fiona Staples and published through Image Comics It hit the 14-issue mark in September 2013, has two best-selling collected editions to its name.

Vaughan has plenty of other irons in the fire, both in and out of comics. He and artist Marcos Martin recently launched Panel Syndicate, the website which digitally publishes their 10-issue, digital-only series "The Private Eye." Panel Syndicate's model is pretty simple: Offer the book in different digital formats and languages and ask readers to pay what they choose, even if that is nothing. The experiment seems to be going well, with a fourth issue having just been released October 8th, 2013.

He has also served as a writer and producer on ABC’s “Lost,” and is currently working on an adaptation of Stephen King’s “Under the Dome” for CBS which debuted to big ratings on June 24, 2013. ComicVine has an informative page on Brian Vaughan's comics output here.

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